Fog-CPS Security Lab

Room No.-2105, Ground Floor, Computer Center-1
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
Devghat, Jhalwa, Prayagraj-211015, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

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Lab Entrance
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Lab Entrance

Welcome to the Fog-CPS Security Lab!

Fog assisted Cyber Physical System (Fog-CPS) Security Lab is established with the motive of developing various techniques and protocols to protect the network infrastructure against various attacks in Fog-CPS device. Various research areas in the field of Fog-CPS Security is identified novel and research is initiated to fulfill the security requirements. Fog-CPS Security Lab is started to provide necessary infrastructure to PhD Scholars, M.Tech Students, B.Tech Students. However, Fog-CPS Security Lab is open for all IIIT-Allahabad Students to do their research work.

Lab is enabled with high end GPU server and 2 high end server to provide the high processing computing power to the researchers.

Vision: Fog assisted Cyber Physical System (Fog-CPS) Security Lab started with the vision to solve the network security and privacy challenges faced by the individual, Government and Non-Government organization & Industries.

Mission: Fog assisted Cyber Physical System (Fog-CPS) Security Lab will introduce courses related to network security, advanced cryptography, cloud security, cyber physical systems security, and privacy to train the professionals for addressing the emerging research challenges. And also involve industry partners in related security research aspects.

To train more professionals in the area of Fog-CPS Security.
To support in developing vulnerability free protocols.
To support industry in Fog assisted Cyber Physical System (Fog-CPS) Devices.
To introduce courses on recent emerging cloud security field such as Data Integrity Checking, etc...
To introduce novel security solutions for various Fog-CPS Network issues.
To provide opportunity to the researchers to work on advanced research topics.